Apex Velo is the place for cyclists to get quality products, industry-leading bike fittings and expert service

Pro. It is a word often floated in the cycling industry, describing everything from product models to people who get paid to ride their bikes. But at Apex Velo, Pro describes our approach to the most essential parts of biking: finding, fitting and purchasing a new bike. 

At Apex Velo, we combine blistering passion with true professionalism. Bikes are not just our hobby: bikes are our passion. We use this dedication to our craft to provide you the best possible fit. It is hard to overstate the joy it gives us to successfully match a customer with the right bike.

With this in mind, we have partnered with many of the industry's finest producers of quality cycling products and have invested in the world's most advanced fitting technologies.

Although we are known for our premier/custom road bikes, we love cycling and want everyone to be able to enjoy it – both road and off-road.  As a result, we have a selection of less expensive road bikes in both ‘relaxed’ and race geometry.  In addition, we also are happy to help our customers choose the optimal mountain (or gravel) bike and order that on your behalf.

We have worked hard to bring the best people and products together in a place that works both as a bike retailer and a communal spot for local bikers. Apex Velo is designed to be a social bike shop where bikers are assured the best possible treatment by a professional, organized and impassioned team. We also encourage new bikers to give us a shot--we recognize it can be difficult to take that first step into the biking world, and we are here to make it that much easier for you. We look forward to helping you embrace your passion for cycling, because it is our passion too.